German shepherds club

German Shepherd Club in Kennel society, ŠUMADIJA, was established in Kragujevac in 2001 at the initiative of breeders, owners and race fans of German shepherd, and was elected President Slobodan Vucelic, a longtime breeder, a very successful Cynology Exhibitor and judge for this race and I . FCI group.
Club has successfully organized four specialized exhibitions for this race, and their participation as judges Kennel took the best-known experts and breeders for this breed:

* 2002nd Helmut Buss - breeder, the leader of the German Shepherd breed German
* 2004th Georg Aichorn - breeder, the leader of Austria's German Shepherd breeding
* 2007th American Ravlić - one of the most successful breeders of German Shepherd Croatia
* 2008th Peter Firić - breeder, President of the German Shepherd Club of Serbia

These events were present and took his share in a number of breeders and exhibitors from our country and the environment.
In addition to these Specijalka club was organized a series of exams KERUNGA and IPO is one of the founders of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Serbia.